In Delta County a new Telenicu device is improving access to health care

elta County a new Telenicu device is improving access to health care

The parents of Arthur were able to consult with a Neonatologist at HSHS St. Vincent Children’s Hospital in Green Bay thanks to remote video technology. Heather Turner, Arthur’s mother, remarked that this was a “game changer” in her son’s medical treatment.

A nurse who Turner had faith in had “noticed his heart rate was really high,” so the statement is accurate. A physician in Green Bay was consulted via Telenicu to ascertain the severity of the situation and confirm that transportation to that city was necessary.

The HSHS St. Vincent Hospital Megan Linn, a neonatologist, has found that thanks to this technology, she can treat her patients more quickly and effectively.


Cameras and other specialised equipment allow us to “look and see,” “look at,” “examine,” and “even listen to” the baby, as Linn put it. Zoom in on specific areas of the baby, and we can make our own evaluation.

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The equipment was brought to OSF St. Francis in Escanaba by a grant the hospital received in October. According to OSF Nurse Manager Merrisa Macgregor, this is fantastic news for people in remote areas like Escanaba.

Macgregor estimated that it would take the transport team 90 minutes to arrive. “With this machine, our medical centre can get advice from specialists in just a few minutes.”

Turner, whose son Arthur is now thriving, expressed her desire for other parents to have confidence in the method.

We now have the necessary tools. To have a specialist two hours away listen to your baby, look at your baby, and know that you need to transfer your baby to a specialty facility,” said Turner.

Linn believes that healthcare technology such as Telenicu is the wave of the future.

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