On the women’s health index the UK lags Saudi Arabia and China

On the women's health index, the UK lags Saudi Arabia and China.

According to a recent survey, women’s health care in the UK is getting worse and is now on par with Kazakhstan.

In the most recent Hologic Global Women’s Health Index, the UK came in at number 30 out of 122 nations, trailing only China and Saudi Arabia. Women were interviewed by Hologic Inc. and its partner Gallup to rate a variety of factors, including mental health and preventive care.

The UK, where the cash-strapped National Health Service is dealing with personnel shortages and significant backlogs, is particularly sensitive to the report’s concerns regarding healthcare quality and finance. The largest walkout by ambulance personnel occurred on Monday, and junior physicians approved strike action last week.

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The US came in at number 23, ahead of France but behind Germany, New Zealand, and Singapore. Afghanistan received the lowest score, followed by Taiwan and Latvia. The poll revealed high levels of stress, worry, and anger among women along with a reduction in their capacity to manage their fundamental requirements.

The chairman of Hologic

The chairman of Hologic

A US manufacturer of medical devices and diagnostic goods, Stephen MacMillan, declared that “women’s health has taken a back seat to almost everything else going on in the world.”

In the most recent index, the UK dropped three points, placing it alongside Slovenia, Kosovo, Poland, and Kazakhstan in addition to Kazakhstan. It was one of the nations where mental health was falling the quickest.

Meanwhile, the US continued to be an outlier because increased health spending didn’t result in better outcomes, according to the research.

The research for 2021 is based on interviews with about 127,000 men and women, who were asked about their attitudes on safety and health, preventive care, and basic requirements. More women reported favourable experiences as the score increased.

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